Daily Prayers (Salah) Book not Available-  Still under update

This book Daily Prayers in your hands comprising Qur'anic Ayah and Ahaadith of the Prophet (Sallallahu-Alayhi Wa-Sallam).

In this book you will learn lots about the religion. Some of these state what deeds
should be done and some describe what should be avoided.

Dear Muslim brothers, sisters and children,
learn by heart try to act upon them by doing this you will earn Allah's Pleasure.

Five pillars (Arkaan) of Islam:

1- Kalimah Shahaadah (شَهَادَةٌ) Declaration of the Faith.
2- Salah
(صَلَاةٌ) Prayer.

3- Zakah (زَكَاةٌ).
4- Sawm (صَوْمٌ) Fasting.
5- Hajj (حَجٌّ) Pilgrimage.
and other Islamic Education.

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                       Chart Five time Daily Salah                                                       Chart Qazaa Salah (Missed Prayer)