Daily Du'a with Urdu Translation

Track 01 du'a in the morningTrack 02 du'a when sunrise
Track 03 du'a for the time of Maghrib Adhan
Track 04 du'a before sleeping
Track 05 du'a when difficulty before sleeping
Track 06 du'a when difficulty in sleeping
Track 07 du'a when awakening
Track 08 du'a beginning of wudhu
Track 09 du'a when going to Fajr Salah
Track 10 du'a when sitting in the Masjid
Track 11 du'a when hearing Adhan
Track 12 du'a after Adhan
Track 13 du'a when entering the home
Track 14 du'a when leaving the home
Track 15 du'a when entering a shopping centre
Track 16 du'a before eating and when forgetting to recite the du'a before eating
Track 17 du'a after eating
Track 18 du'a when stand up after eating
Track 19 du'a for fasting
Track 20 du'a when breaking the fast
Track 21 du'a when wearing new clothes
Track 22 du'a when looking into the mirror
Track 23 du'a new moon
Track 24 du'a when getting in to a vehicle
Track 25 du'a beginning of journey
Track 26 du'a when travelling in ship or boat
Track 27 du'a when enter any city
Track 28 du'a when returning from a journey
Track 29 du'a when you see any one in difficulty
Track 30 du'a visiting the Graveyard
Track 31 du'a when in difficulty
Track 32 du'a upon encountering an enemy
Track 33 du'a for relief from worries and debts
Track 34 du'a when a loss occurs or difficulty
Track 35 du'a when visiting the sick
Track 36 du'a for rain
Track 37 du'a when rain
Track 38 du'a when continue heavy rain
Track 39 du'a when heavy windy
Track 40 du'a when in search of Lailat-ul-Qadr
Track 41 du'a when you see your lovely thing
Track 42 du'a when losing some thing
Track 43 du'a when see fire
Track 44 du'a when fire burn
Track 45 du'a when enemy
Track 46 du'a for guided us and mercy
Track 47 du'a drinking Zam-Zam
Track 48 du'a for eye pain
Track 49 du'a for body pain
Track 50 du'a for protection from evil eye- (Nazr-e-bad se bachne ki du'a)
Track 51 du'a when ill
Track 52 du'a for children protection
Track 53 du'a when Ta'ziyah to the relatives of the deceased
Track 54 du'a for good in this world and good in the Hereafter
Track 55 du'a help us against the unbelievers
Track 56 du'a who sincerely believe
Track 57 du'a for mercy and Forgiveness
Track 58 du'a for patience and constancy
Track 59 du'a for suffer at the hands of unjust people
Track 60 du'a for death in Islam
Track 61 du'a for blessings of Allah and Forgiveness
Track 62 du'a at the time of anger
Track 63 du'a when you leave someone
Track 64 du'a after witr Salah
Track 65 du'a after chaasht Salah

99 Names of Allah (Subhaa-nahu Wa-Ta'ala) with Urdu Translatio and Benefit

Virtue: Hazrat Abu Hurayrah (Radi Allaahu Ta'ala 'anhu) narrates Rasulullah (Sallallahu-Alayhi Wa-Sallam) said; "Verily Allah (Subhaa-nahu Wa-Ta'ala) has 99 names Whosoever memorises them will enter (Jannah) Paradise." (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi)
Track 1- 99 Names of Allah Track 2- 99 Names of Allah with urdu translation and benefit
Track 3- Hadith
Track 4- Du'a
Track 5- 99 Names of Allah